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FuzzYard Model

Here at FuzzYard, we're always on the look out for ridiculously good looking models to flaunt it at our photo shoots. They're a ton of fun and can launch your four legged friend to international stardom!

When we have an upcoming shoot, we put a call out on our Instagram and Facebook accounts to let peeps know to hit us up with their applications. Our shoots are held in Melbourne, Australia.

Lots of peeps ask what we look for in a FuzzYard model and it's pretty simple (we ain't asking you to sip coconut water and tan up for the big event!)... but we do need our models to be able to sit and stay and we ask that they rock up fresh and ready for stardom!

We get swamped with applications and it's an incredibly tough decision because we can only select a few models per shoot.
If you think your has dog has the chops to make it as FuzzYard's Next Top Model keep an eye out on social media for our next call out and until then, get working on that Blue Steel.