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We damn straight aren't your normal pet product company, no way José, (Apologies to those or whose pet is named José). Since 2003 we've been pushing, poppin' & droppin' the most incredible products for our 4 (sometimes 3.... and occasionally 2) legged friends and we've been doing it in style. 

When we started in 2003, the world was screaming, barking and howling for pet products that just popped... enough of your boring and bland browns and pinks, the world needed vibrant colours, better quality materials and something more than just a bone or paw print....yawn... and then BAM, we entered the market. 

From the get go our ethos and vision has been simple, ' To create premium pet products with the highest aesthetic appeal whilst maintaining the highest of human standards.' We are constantly evolving and keeping ahead of fashion trends... we like to keep everything fresh and are constantly releasing new styles on an almost monthly basis. All of our designs are created in house, no generic off the shelf crap.. just all bespoke stuff by’s one of the key things that sets us apart globally.
Our main headquarters is based in Melbourne, Australia and we proudly call FuzzYard an Australian company despite our rapid growth internationally. We love our fans and customers and nothing brings more joy than to see one of our products out and about, be it in Sydney, Tokyo or Los Angeles... It’s really what drives us! For us FuzzYard isn't just a brand, it's a lifestyle for your pet and we promise we are going to keep pushing and bringing the world the most eye catching and poppin' products...  

You can now buy all of your fave FuzzYard gear right here at Best of all, shipping is free within Australia when you spend just $30! For our fans around the world, we offer competitive flat-rate international shipping - check out the details on shipping right here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about our latest product releases and special offers.

Want to get in touch? We’re online Monday to Friday 10am - 3pm AEST. Click here to contact us.

Rock on.